You are currently viewing 4 reasons why KOL should have a Landing Page when joining Performance Marketing

4 reasons why KOL should have a Landing Page when joining Performance Marketing

Most KOLs / Publishers who participate in affiliate marketing with Passio Ecomobi know that Landing Page creates a very good effect, helping to increase the conversion rate of orders and bring in high revenue.

Recently, Passio Ecomobi has updated the Landing Page function for the entire system, including KOL / Publisher. Let’s take a look at why Landing pages are so important!

If you do not have a Landing Page on Passio Ecomobi’s network, create it here!

1. What is a Landing Page?

The landing page (landing page) seems like a separate website, usually used for marketing/advertising campaigns. Not like a website, a landing page is created with a specific goal in mind (referrals, leads, etc.). In affiliate marketing/performance marketing, Landing Page is created for the purpose of increasing the order conversion rate of KOL / Publisher

2. Passio Ecomobi’s Landing Page Feature

Passio Ecomobi’s KOLs/ Publishers is provided Landing Page feature, which allows KOLs to create a signature website with an easy-to-use interface and necessary tools such as:

  • My choice: Where KOLs can aggregate their favorite products into separate groups
  • My review: Helping KOLs share honest reviews of products
  • Hot deals: This is a newly launched tool, after going to KOL’s Landing Page, copy the product’s link and switch to the HOT DEALS section to find Shopee’s discount-vouchers and Free-Ship codes.
  • Reports: Allows KOLs to keep track of detailed analytics including views, clicks, and orders in order to optimize direction.

3. Reasons KOLs should create a Landing Page on Passio Ecomobi’s network when doing affiliate marketing.

Landing Page helps KOL aggregate thousands of products in just 1 link. 

Link is one of the most important factors when doing Performance Marketing. Instead of creating a tracking link for each product, KOL can create categories and aggregate their favorite products on the Landing Page. For TikToker / Instagrammer, the Landing Page is even more important, because these two platforms do not allow users to insert links in comments or posts. 

All products on Passio Ecomobi’s Landing Page are already tracked. When someone visits the Landing Page, clicking on the product will immediately navigate to the purchase website

HOT DEAL function helps find discount codes of Shopee, Tiki, Lazada, Sendo in just 1 click.

With the aim of improving the user experience when visiting KOL’s personal website and optimizing the order rate, Passio Ecomobi has integrated the HOT DEALS function to help users quickly search for discount codes, freeship codes, and refund coins of all products on all different e-commerce platforms. After choosing the product, users can find and apply the code, which is extremely convenient and easy to manipulate.

Attract more and more traffic every day

Landing Page is the ideal website for KOLs to attract traffic with their products and attractive review content. The higher the traffic, the higher the number of orders, the bigger the commission.

Receive commission up to 100 million thousand VietNam dong

Products on KOL’s Landing Page have been linked to self-tracking, leading to the purchase website, helping KOL optimize the order rate. For each successful order, KOLs/ Publishers will receive a commission of up to 20%. The commission is unlimited so that KOLs can earn up to tens or even hundreds of millions per month.


Create your own personal website and start making money with Passio Ecomobi’s Landing Page service now. You can sign up for Ecomobi’s affiliate marketing platform now if you haven’t already.

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