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5 reasons why Micro-influencers are not chosen by brands

According to the ANA Driving Growth report, 92% of shoppers trust Micro-Influencers rather than advertisers and celebrities, and more than 82% are more inclined to make purchasing decisions from a Micro-Influencer’s recommendation. The report also points out that 2020 will be the era of Micro-Influencer and the brand’s influencer marketing campaigns will aim to use this group. So why are so many influencers still under contract?

1. Failure to prove the campaign’s performance

This is probably a common problem for the majority of micro-influencers today. With a total of more than 40.000 influencers on the Vietnamese market, excluding about 500 celebrities, the rest are mostly micro-influencers. The competitive level is great, but most micro-influencers have not built trust with the brand with their capabilities.

Current influencer marketing campaigns often evaluate effectiveness by interactions (like, share, comment …), vague numbers and easy to buy virtual without strict control. After a lot of campaigns that spend a large of money on influencer marketing such as “A drop in the bucket” but do not bring in orders or sales, surely businesses will be hard to trust and continue to collaborate with that influencer.

It’s time influencers need to get used to and adapt to a new standard of efficiency measurement, by the number of successful closing orders after each campaign. This is considered the standard of the future, which will surely satisfy businesses and create opportunities to demonstrate influencer’s capabilities.


Social Sellers have a record of their past campaigns and clear CVR, helping brands choose correctly KOL / Influencer
Social Sellers have a record of their past campaigns and clear CVR, helping brands choose correctly KOL / Influencer.

2. Lack of in-depth knowledge in a certain field

As an influencer, responsible for a marketing campaign aimed at the brand’s audience, more than anyone else, you need to have knowledge of the brand, the product as the foundation for your content creation. Representing the brand in the journey to conquer customers, influencers even have to understand in detail each product’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the tastes of customers to this market. Thereby offering relevant content, ensuring the viral and high finalizing deals efficiency.

In the journey of selecting influencers, brands are always careful with the names that represent them. Any mistake in the campaign, especially information and knowledge related to the product itself, the brand or the market, can become a fatal blow to the brand, also an end for your career. To score with brands, the most important factor is your creativity and wisdom, which will definitely make you different and stand out from other influencers.

3. No viral tools

Influencers already have a fan base of their own, but if you don’t keep interacting, these followers will quickly decline. For this reason, each influencer always has to put himself in a steady and active manner to keep fans watching and supporting. They are an important asset in the influencer career.

But maintaining the fan base is not enough, that number needs to grow with time. The problem for each influencer is not only creating content but also making it interesting and viral in the community, attracting a large number of followers and positive feedbacks. However, most influencers today need a professional team in their viral content creation; as a lack of tools, skills and knowledge can affect engagement effectiveness, especially cause unnecessary losses. More than anyone, influencers understand that the journey of conquering and maintaining trust with the audience is unlikely to reach the destination if they are alone.

4. No relationship with major brands

The opportunity to cooperate with major brands is to open a new chapter for influencer careers. Big brand partnership campaigns are expectations for many Micro-Influencers. Not only will this make your social media channel more reputable, but it also helps your personal branding become widely known.

With a high rate of competition, influencers will inevitably encounter many obstacles in the journey of finding cooperation contracts with brands. The opportunity to collaborate with major brands is also becoming so far away. How can influencers connect with great brands in their industry? Perhaps they will need bridges to create opportunities to interact, exchange and express themselves with brands. In particular, with new micro-influencers entering the profession or having less good relationships with brands, bridges are becoming more important than ever.

5. No part at all in any influencer community

This seems like the biggest shortcoming when you enter the world of viral marketing without any community relationships. Expand your network in your niche for more experience, income and partnerships with other brands and influencers. At the same time, the influencer community is also a place to support, create fine opportunities to cultivate and develop themselves as well as your career.


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