You are currently viewing This housewife built her own business with over 30.000 USD revenue just by selling digital paintings online

This housewife built her own business with over 30.000 USD revenue just by selling digital paintings online

Anjita Solanki and her background

Before starting her own company, Anjita Solanki was a housewife and mother of two children. Anjita, originally from Indore, India graduated from a commerce college and had ambitious plans about self-employment. However, her father rejected Anjita’s dreams and advised her to wait until marriage before pursuing something of her own.

Anjita Solanki is a successful businesswoman and housewife.

Fortunately, Anjita was blessed to find a husband who acknowledged her aspirations and encouraged her in achieving them. To start, Anjita supported her husband Sanjay Solanki in his business through marketing. However, when their first son Raydanth was born, she had to take a step back from the job in order to dedicate more time to looking after him. A few years on and with the birth of her second child Kabir, she decided to take a break from work entirely.

Came up with a digital product business idea during a trip and made more than 30.000 USD in sales

After that, on a trip to Mumbai – her husband’s town, when she attended an art exhibition there, she noticed that the paintings were sold out soon and people were eager to buy the paintings for decorative and aesthetic purposes. But providing handmade paintings to hundreds of customers was not a scalable option. So Anjita chose to offer digital paintings in order to reach more people and optimize her revenue. 

Anjita connected with a few artists from Indore and Jhansi and reached an agreement. These artists created the paintings with their hands and sent her the blueprints – which she then arranged to be digitally printed before offering them for sale on the online platform.

Anjita also paid for ‘Sponsored Product Ads’ at first to acquire more orders and noticed an increase in organic visitors even when the ad campaign had ended. This greatly boosted her sales which now include over 250 products. Furthermore, orders have increased over time; from 8-10 goods per month originally, she currently sells roughly 40 paintings each month. Her business has bloomed and brings in a massive revenue of 30 lakhs (approximately 36.283,90 USD). She has employed six graphic designers to help her company continue to grow.

Being a mother and a wife, Anjita has a lot of responsibilities and can’t focus only on business. Selling digital paintings online is a perfect way for her to increase her income while still having time for family. Like many women entrepreneurs now, Anjita has had the flexibility to be working from home. “More than anything, I am happy that I can be financially independent and have the opportunity of having a career on my own terms”, Anjita smiles.

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