Passio Ecomobi allows all users to create a free Landing Page in just 1 minute

A landing page is an extremely important tool for any KOL, who is doing performance marketing, especially on the TikTok / Instagram platform which is impossible to insert product links directly in the posts.

For the purpose of supporting KOL to increase traffic, optimize orders and raise unlimited income, Passio Ecomobi has set up the Landing Page function, which allows all KOLs of Passio Ecomobi’s members to create a personal website with their own personality.


1. What is Landing Page?

Landing Page is a one-page website created for a specific target with a certain aim in mind. Passio Ecomobi’s Landing Page service was intended to assist KOLs in aggregating their favorite goods and reviewing content onto a single page.. Through the Landing Page, KOL will attract its followers to access the products KOL introduces, thereby increasing the rate of successful orders and receiving unlimited commissions.


2. How to create a Landing Page on the Passio Ecomobi

Step 1: Download the Passio Ecomobi App or create it directly in the browser by clicking the following button

Step 2: Create an account.

Fill in your email address, phone number, and other requested information to create an account. If you already have an account on the Ecomobi Social Selling Platform, you just need to log in with your email and password.

Step 3: Set up Landing Page

Go to the Menu section, select Landing Page and start the setup.

At the Landing Page interface you can:

– Customize add/remove channels

– Add products in My choice

– Add product review content in the section My review

– Highlight your favorite products in Highlight Story

– Find discount codes and vouchers quickly in Hot Deals section

Step 4: Share your Landing Page link in the Bio TikTok / Instagram or in the posts on Facebook / Youtube.


3. Why should KOLs create a Landing Page?

Generate a lot of marketing links in just 1 link

The Landing Page feature helps KOLs to aggregate and share their favorite goods with their followers on a single page. This functionality is especially important for those of you who frequently use Instagram or TikTok to post links. Because with these two platforms, users are limited to attaching links to posts and comments. Therefore, KOL/Publisher should create a Landing Page and attach the Landing-Page’s link to the bio. Followers will easily check the products selected by KOL / Publisher.

Optimize the order rate

Passio Ecomobi’s Landing Page service is designed with a friendly interface and extremely convenient features to help KOL optimize user behavior. From the product selection step in My Choice, users can go to the My review section to watch the experiences of KOL / Publisher about that product. When deciding to buy a product, users will switch to the HOT DEALS section to find the HOT discount code and immediately navigate to the purchase website.

Get unlimited commissions

With each successful order, KOL/ Publisher will receive 10%-20% commission. KOL may trace the order and click information using the report on the landing page. As a result, KOL will be able to quickly determine which items on their Landing Page are the most popular.

Let’s experience Passio Ecomobi’s Landing Page service and create your own personal website!