Currently, the service fees for Passio products are as follows:

Service Fee = Payment Gateway Fee + Platform Fee

In which:

  • Service Fee: The total fee that Content Creators must pay when using Passio products
  • Payment Gateway Fee: The fee that Content Creators must pay to the payment gateways integrated on Passio
  • Platform Fee: The system platform fee collected by Passio from the Content Creators

Below is a detailed summary of the platform fees for each service:

Services Platform Fee
Donation Free
Virtual Gift 10%
Truth Or Dare 10%
Video Shoutout 15%
Digital Product 15%

Territory of application: All markets

Remarks: Passio only collects the Platform Fee. The Payment Gateway Fee will be collected and processed depending on the payment regulations of each payment gateways.

Above is the Service Quotation by Passio. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a message below.


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