Q&A: Frequently Asked Questions When Joining Passio’s Affiliated Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most trending features by Passio, which is chosen by many KOLs/Publishers to earn more money online. It is not just one of the platforms paying the highest commission rates in the market, when affiliating with Passio, Passio also offers KOLs/Publishers the opportunity to cooperate with e-commerce platforms and participate in Direct Brand – the direct marketing campaigns from over 10,000+ famous brands in Southeast Asia.

To learn more about Passio’s affiliate marketing program as well as the benefits available, find down below.

Your questions Answers by Passio
Is it free to join the affiliate program?  You do not have to pay any fees to join the program.
I have registered but cannot find the account activation email, what should I do? Please check the “Spam” or “Promotion” section of the email.
What affiliate programs does Passio have?  Through Passio, KOLs/Publishers can affiliate with the most famous e-commerce platforms at present such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, etc.

Or you can choose Direct Brand – the direct marketing campaigns from over 10,000+ leading brands that are partners of Passio. When joining Direct Brand, KOLs/Publishers will receive additional bonuses of up to 20% from brands without any limitations like when affiliating with e-commerce floors.

For example: With an order of 1,300,000 VND, Passio’s KOL will receive a commission being around 113 000 VND, which is equivalent to about 10%, meanwhile, the average floor’s commission only ranges from 1 to 2.5%.

How are the clicks’ and orders’ timings updated on the system?  Clicks and orders will be updated before 18:00 of the following day in your report. For example, when an order is generated on Monday, the data will be updated before 18:00 on Tuesday.
If you are not old enough to generate a personal tax code, how do you get paid? You can use the bank account information, identity card and tax code of any relatives that are over 18 years old.

(The bank account information, identity card and tax code must be from the same one person)

How long does it take to review payment information? Payment approval time is up to 7 days from the latest revision update. For example: If your latest modification is made on date 10th, your information will be reviewed no later than date 17th.
What should I do if my payment information is denied? When the payment is not approved, you will be notified by Passio of the reason for the unapproved payment. Then, you make corrections/adjustments according to our instructions and click Save to be re-reviewed.
How long does it take to receive the money after proceeding to Withdrawal? Passio’s billing period will be on the 10th and 25th of each month.
Is there a fee to withdraw money from the Ecomobi system? No fee, but 10% Personal Income Tax will be deducted according to Government’s regulation.
Can the Ecomobi affiliate tracking link be placed on multiple platforms?  Links can be placed on all social media platforms as well as websites. However, it is necessary to make sure that there is a link placed in the registered account with Ecomobi.
What if I create a link to this product, but a follower buys another product, would I get a commission? Yes, you will receive commission for all products in the categories listed in the affiliate commission table of the e-commerce platform.
How do Publishers and KOLs check the commission tables from e-commerce platforms? You log in to the app, on the Home Page you select “View All” at Marketplace Campaign and click on each campaign or type the campaign name of each e-commerce platform. The commission table will appear in the Campaign Detail section.
In the commission section, how are “existing customers”, “new customers”, and “max cap” defined? – New customer: A customer who has registered his phone number but has never purchased at Shopee/Lazada/Tiki

– Existing customer: A customer who has registered his phone number with an account and used it to buy goods at Shopee/Lazada/Tiki

– Max cap: The maximum commission of 1 order (1 order can have several products)

What is a bonus?

Where can I check the information about it?

A Bonus is a certain percentage of commission that comes from brands, in addition to the base commission of the e-commerce floor. Specifically, it is updated in the Shop Campaign section on the App or specified in the documents that are sent by the e-commerce floors about specific campaigns.
How to distinguish the types of commissions on the system? – Total commission: Commission generated from the time the buyer places an order successfully

– Awaiting-approval Commission: Commission for orders whose delivery status has not yet been determined 

– Temporary-approved Commission: Commission that has been successfully delivered and is waiting for reconciliation

– Approved Commission: Commission confirmed after reconciliation. This is the actual commission amount you get.

– Canceled Commission: Commission from orders that are returned or not received by the buyer.

What factors affect the commission approval rate? Approval rate depends on:

  • Buyers’ receipt/cancellation/refund
  • The receipt/cancellation of shops
  • E-commerce floors’ bot fraud check
When will I receive the payment of month T? After getting reconciliation from e-commerce platforms like Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, in a period from 1 to 3 months, you will receive your money, depending on validation time from Marketplaces. In addition, Ecomobi has a monthly advance policy (30%, 50%, or 70% of the temporary-approved commission – which also depends on the KOLs’ ranks being Gold, Platinum, or Diamond. When reaching the min-pay (withdrawable amount) being 555,556 VND, KOLs can go to the web/app to process Withdraw.
Why is the total payable amount not equivalent to the Total Commission? The commission you are paid is the remaining commission after being reconciled by the partners, calculated by the formula:

Approved Commission = Total Commission – Temporary-approved Commission – Canceled Commission.

Why is the Account Balance reduced? The displayed account balance includes any advance made and deducted from the Temporarily-approved Commission, after being reconciled by the floors.


Above are the most frequently asked questions that KOLs/Publishers have about Passio’s affiliate marketing program. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact the admin for the fastest response.

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