Passio Fan Services Affiliate Marketing Program

What is Passio Fan Services Affiliate Marketing Program? #

Passio Fan Services Affiliate Marketing Program is a program that helps Passio users increase their monthly income by sharing affiliate links for digital products, courses, or video shoutouts of other creators on social media platforms.

When someone clicks on the reseller’s affiliate link, purchases a digital product, course, or video shoutout, and completes the payment, both creators (who have digital products, courses or video shoutout for sale) and resellers will receive a commission as follows:  


Re-Seller commission / Successful order Creator commission / Successful order

Digital Product

24 % 55%


Video Shoutout


If any customer successfully purchases and pays for the digital product, course, or video shoutout through the reseller’s affiliate links:

1. Creators who own that products will get 55%.

2. Ecomobi will get 15% (We will pay a 5% payment gateway charge for all fan service orders resulting from this Affiliate program)

3. The remaining 30% will be divided as follows:

  • Resellers get 80%
  • Ecomobi gets 20%

For Example:

A creator who join the Affiliate program for Fan Services owns a digital product worth 100 PHP. When a customer successfully buys and pays for that product through the Reseller’s affiliate link:

1. Creator will get 55%: 55% x 100 = 55 PHP

2. Ecomobi will get 15%: 15% x 100 = 15 PHP (After paying the payment gateway fee of about 5%, we get 10 PHP)

3. 30% = 30 PHP remaining:

  • Reseller gets 80%: 80% x 30 PHP = 24 PHP
  • Ecomobi gets 20%: 20% x 30 PHP = 6 PHP

The approved products list: 


Service Products


Digital Product



Exclusive video




Consulting 1-1



6 Video Shoutout

Short Videos

Top creators participating in the Affiliate Program for Fan Services #

Pag-ibig Page #

About creator: Pag-ibig Page is a local digital products store offering unique ebooks in Filipino. I offer a variety of affordable ebooks with various genres such as: Romance, humor, for kids, literary Classics, cooking, affiliate marketing, digital product tools,… I have been a digital marketer and professional writer for over 20 years and I hope the Pag-ibig Page will become the best place for you to buy ebooks online.

What they are offer: Digital Products – Ebooks

Creator’s Passio Page: 

Homebased Mom and Dad #

About creator: A mother, a wife, an online hustler and an online freelance coach who helps FILIPINO PARENTS run an online business with support and accountability so they can spend more time with their families, navigate the challenges of balancing work and family life, and achieve success and fulfillment. I hope that my services: ebooks, courses can help you boost your income and get closer to your dreams.

What they are offer: Digital Products – Templates & Courses

Creator’s Passio Page:

Cherryranoco29 #

About creator: If you’re looking for a way to earn money online, digital marketing is a great option. With the help of our digital marketing ebooks, you can master the world of digital marketing and grow your revenue faster.

What they are offer: Digital Products – Templates & Courses

Creator’s Passio Page

Shopping deals #

About creator: Are you’re student, graduate, aspirant, or worker in Hospitality & Tourism and want to develop your skills and knowledge? My ebooks are for you. With Shopping Deals, you will find many quality resources with very reasonable prices to help you with your study and research in the fields of Tourism & Hospitality Management.

What they are offer: Digital Products – Ebooks

Creator’s Passio Page

I am Shellin #

About creator: It’s me Shellin. 😉 I recently decided to focus on helping product-based business owners in the health and beauty niche build their brands on social media using my own “A2C method”. A2C stands for “Audience to Customers”. With my organic social media strategies, I can help you establish a strong online presence that can turn your audience into customers! Let’s grow your business together.

What they are offer: Digital Products – Ebooks

Creator’s Passio Page

Teacher Angel 02 #

About creator: A digital planner is a productivity tool that never gets dated if you’re wanting to store your calendar, ideas, to-do lists, and inspirational notes to yourself in one place. Start planning the right way and keep your life well organized with my all-in-one digital planners.

What they are offer: Digital Products – Digital Planner

Creator’s Passio Page

Benefits of joining Passio Fan Services Affiliate Marketing Program #

  • Increase monthly income
  • Unlimited commission potential
  • Real-time reporting system and link generation
  • Free to join
  • 24/7 support

How to join the Passio Fan Services Affiliate Marketing Program #

For re-sellers: #

  • Step 1: Own an account on the Ecomobi Passio app
  • Step 2: Generate an affiliate link on the system
  • Step 3: Share and promote the affiliate link for customers to click and purchase
  • Step 4: Track the results in the Report section and receive commission

You can see how to generate affiliate tracking link for Passio Fan Services right here: Video | Article

For creators: #

If you are a creator who has digital products, courses, shoutout videos for sale, you can absolutely increase your revenue by signing up for the Fan Services Affiliate Program. 300.000+ creators on our system will become your resellers and resell your products.

Submit your information HERE.

Order tracking process #

  • Step 1: Customers click on the Publisher/KOL’s tracking link on valid advertising channels.
  • Step 2: Customers are directed to the website/product link of the creator who is selling digital products, courses, or video shoutouts. Customers make a purchase within the cookie retention period.
  • Step 3: Customers successfully complete the payment for the order

Cookie policy #

  • Last Click
  • First Order
  • Cookie retention period: 7 days

Click HERE to see the list of approved product in the Passio Fan Services Affiliate Marketing Program and start earning extra money online today!

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