Passio Fan Service – Fan Referral: Refer a friend & Get Rewarded

What is the Passio Fan Services Fan Referral Program? #

The Passio Fan Service – Fan Referral Program is a new sponsored program by Ecomobi Passio designed just for Passio users’ customers, in order to motivate those who have purchased digital products on Passio to recommend the products to other people. The Passio Fan Service – Fan Referral program not only promotes creators’ products to more customers, but it also gives creators and their customers opportunities to earn more extra money. 

So, if you’re a creator and are selling digital products on Passio, you can refer your own products to get commission (Please DM our FANPAGE with your Passio Page link to register) or share with your friends/customers about this program. Allow them to suggest other customers to you so they can earn money from the reference.

Commission policy #

When someone successfully pays for a digital product through the referrer’s link, the referrer will receive 3 Hearts (1 Heart = 10 PHP) to their Passio account.

If you are a creator and have registered an account to sell digital products on Passio. You will receive money in the form of an Ecomobi Super Voucher after you have accumulated at least 50 Hearts or more.

Screen for registering up for a creator account in Passio

If you are a fan of the creators and have registered a Passio For Fan account (You don’t sell digital products and only refer to the creators’ products to receive rewards), you will receive money in the form of a phone card when you reach a minimum of 10 Hearts (~ 100 PHP).

Screen for registering up for a Passio For Fan account

During the trial period, the commissions in this program will be awarded in the form of a phone card to the referrer’s registered phone number.

Duration: From April 20th to the end of May 7th, 2023

How to join the Passio Fan Services Affiliate Marketing Program #

Step 1: The referrer accesses the product links in the list below

Step 2: Click on the “Add an invite get more money to your waller” section

Step 3: Click on the “Refer your friends now” button

Step 4: Register/Log in to your Passio for Fan account

Step 5: Share the referral link with your friends or post it on your social media channels to promote

Step 6: Receive hearts as soon as someone makes a successful purchase through your referral link.

Tutorial Video: Click HERE

How to receive money? #

When you have accumulated enough hearts, you can click withdraw as follows:

Step 1: Log in to your Passio for Fan account #

Click on “Edit information” and enter your phone number. And click on “Authenticated now” to verify your email account before clicking withdraw.

Step 2: Click on Number of hearts #

Step 3: Click on Heart Conversion #

Step 4: Fill in the Heart Conversion Requirement and click on “Send Require” #

Notes: After submitting the request, you will be credited from 3-7 days excluding weekends.

List of approved digital products in this program #

Click HERE 

To find out which of your products are a part of the Fan Referral program, click the link above. Introduce the Fan Referral program to your consumers and provide them a list of links to those products so they may recommend them with their friends and earn rewards.

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