How Does Truth Or Dare On Passio Help Content Creators Make Money Online?

Truth or Dare is way more than a simple interactive game with fans, Content Creators can totally have an additional source of passive income by integrating this feature into their Passio Pages.

What is Truth Or Dare? #

Almost all people must have been familiar with Truth Or Dare. Players will be given a choice between a Truth and a Dare. If choosing Truth, the player will have to answer a question honestly. If choosing Dare, the player will have to take on a challenge such as calling an ex-lover, drinking milk with fish sauce, etc. If the task is not completed, the player will be subject to a penalty.

Truth or Dare on Passio Page #

In order to help Content Creators diversify their income, Passio has integrated the popular Truth Or Dare game into Passio Page. It comes with very simple game rules as follows:

  • 15-day feedback

Questions or challenges from Fan need to be answered within 15 days from the time you receive the information. After this date, the amount of support from Fan will be refunded.

  • The decision of participation is yours

You can agree or refuse to answer the question or take on the challenge. With each response, you receive an amount of money from the fan. The number of responses will be made public to your Fan community.

  • Response method

If Fan chooses Truth: You can only answer in text format to convey information sufficiently.

If Fan chooses Dare: You need to add at least 01 video of you doing the challenge.

Reasons Why Content Creators Shouldn’t Leave Out Truth Or Dare #

Increase interaction with fans #

Having a fan base on social media is difficult enough and maintaining it is even more challenging. This is an industry with constant rejection if you are not consistently producing high-quality content and connecting with your fanbase. And integrating more attractive game features like Truth Or Dare will stimulate the interaction between the Creators and the Fans naturally and help your site be fresh and new as always.

Extremely low conversion rate #

With Truth Or Dare, Passio is applying an 85-15 revenue share rule with 85% in favor of Content Creators. Specifically, Creators will receive 85% of the total proceeds from this feature. For the remaining 15%, it consists of the 10% Passio Platform Fee and the 5% Payment Gateway Fee. Compared to the policies from other leading platforms like Tiktok (50-50), and Youtube (55-45), Passio is giving out the lowest conversion cost in the market.

Domestic payment gateway #

To submit challenges to Content Creators, fans need to stake a fee and you can set this minimum fee in the system. In addition, Passio also integrates domestic payment gateways (Shopee Pay, Momo, domestic payment cards, etc) to make it easier for fans to put in more in Truth Or Dare.

Cross-selling  #

When fans send you a request for Truth or Dare, it means that they will also visit your personal landing page with all the affiliate marketing links or see the digital products you are selling, etc. What if they are interested in and want to buy the products available on your site, this will be like killing two birds with one stone.

In short, Truth Or Dare is being used by many Passio Content Creators. If you haven’t added Truth Or Dare to your bio page, please see the installation instructions here to start making money with this feature right away.


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