Ali Abdaal: From a student to a millionaire by assisting people in living healthier and more productive

Ali Abdaal used to be a doctor working in the UK. He owns his Youtube channel with nearly 4 million followers. Ali shares about personal development issues, making life more productive and happier.

Choose your strengths 

Nearly all Influencers with a fast-growing number of Followers focus on their strengths, sharing things that can be applied to a large number of people (mass users). And Ali is not an exception. He is a logical thinker who always focuses on optimizing his study/work time and productivity. Ali has also used note-taking methods to improve memory to get the highest score in the Cambridge exam.

(Comment from viewers in the video “ How I ranked 1st at Cambridge University – The Essay Memorisation Framework ” (2020)

Choose a large audience

The majority of Ali’s video viewers are very young. From the very beginning, Ali shaped his audience as students and high school students. So the content which Ali oriented for the channel is also aimed at this mass user set. All of Ali’s video titles are appealing since they are topics that young people are interested in, such as:

  • How I ranked 1st at Cambridge University – The Essay Memorisation Framework
  • How to study for exams
  • How i remember everything

After 2018, when he reached more than 100,000 followers, Ali began to expand his audience. Still in the mass user set but what he aims to expand further, including those who are new to work, students preparing to graduate need career guidance . The next content groups that Ali focuses on development are: Recommend books, share apps that increase study/work productivity.

The turning point in Ali’s journey began in 2020 when he expanded his revenue streams to increase passive income for himself and his team. Ali knew that income from advertising or sales made up only a small portion of his total income at the time. He began to consider ways to profit from the community by giving value to users. So Ali chose to sell courses (video-based, online courses via zoom) and develop a paid community.

This orientation has changed the direction of the content Ali shares. Because the individuals who want to make money may easily afford to learn something from Ali in order to save money, time, and effort. Starting from 2020 until now, Ali builds more content about guiding young people to generate income.

Another factor that contributes to Ali’s success, aside from his content, is his awareness of the need to establish a sustainable development community. And he must provide content that is related to his followers of that community. The longer a follower is a part of the Ali community, the faster Ali’s business grows. Because it’s easier to convince community members than brand new users.

Orientation to develop income streams

Ali’s follower growth and earnings statistics at the end of 2020 (source: Peter Yang)

As analyzed in section 2, Ali focuses on developing followers according to their growth journey. Then he selected a set of paying customers for himself who were graduating students, newly employed and those who wanted to develop their own business in the Creator industry.

Advertising and media income is estimated to only account for about 30% of Ali’s total income. As this market becomes more and more competitive and requires high efficiency (having a great impact on the business performance of brands for example), income from this segment will become increasingly limited. Instead, he develops short courses (video-based, tutorials), and premium communities to optimize his revenue more and more. This segment is expected to account for 70% of Ali & team’s revenue structure by 2021, and it is rapidly growing.

Building the Next Level

The creative work of content creators never stops.

Ali’s goal now is to increasingly expand the paid community. From 2022, he began developing intensive channels and growing his guest network. Topics are extended by Ali such as Psychology, Career Development, Orientation Development,…

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